Letter 60

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15th August, 1946
Niranjananandaswami who went to Madurai about a month ago, travelled to Madras from there. T. K. Doraiswamy Iyer, who came from Madras, placed in Bhagavan’s hands a programme for the Golden Jubilee celebrations on 1st September, drawn up in consultation with prominent people in Madras, and stood aside reverentially.

The details of the proposed programme, beginning at seven in the morning and lasting till seven in the evening were mentioned therein. High Court Judges and a number of eminent people were fixed up as speakers. Musiri Subramania Iyer’s and Budalur Krishnamurthy Sastry’s music performance and very many other items were in the programme. After reading it carefully, Bhagavan said with a smile, “Oh, what a crowded programme! Anyway, why should I worry? Let them do what they like. It is enough if I am given some time to go out. It is stated that all these big people will deliver lectures! What about? What is there to speak about? That which is, is mouna (silence).

How can mouna be explained in words? In English, in Sanskrit, in Tamil, in Telugu. Oh, what an array of languages! Eminent people will speak in so many languages! All right! Why should I bother! It is enough if I am not asked to speak.” That devotee respectfully and with folded hands submitted that if Bhagavan desired that any of the items should be omitted, it would be done. “Oh, I see! Have I asked for any of these items, so that I could now object to any one of them? Do what you like. It is all a series of lectures.

I will sit like this on the sofa. You may do whatever you like,” said Bhagavan with a smile. “Yes, Swami, it is true. Who will be able to speak boldly in the presence of Bhagavan? Even so, all this is merely to express our joy at this great fortune we are privileged to have.” So saying, the devotee bowed before Bhagavan and went away.