Letter 46

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11th May, 1946
Yesterday morning at 9-45, when Bhagavan went out and returned to the hall, a dog which was living in the Ashram was barking at another dog which had come there and which it was trying to drive away. While the people there were trying to pacify the Ashram dog, Bhagavan said in a lighter vein, “It is usual everywhere for those who come earlier to exercise authority over those who come later. This dog is trying likewise to exercise its authority.” So saying, he looked at the Ashram dog, and said, “Why do you bark? Go away.” It went away accordingly, as if it had understood his words.

This morning at 10 o’clock Dr. Anantanarayana Rao and his wife Ramabai brought some good mangoes from their garden and while giving them to Bhagavan, said, “The monkeys are taking away all the mangoes. So we hurriedly plucked these and have brought them here.” Bhagavan said smilingly, “Oh, is that so. So the monkeys are going there also?” Then looking at all the others there, he said, “Yes, monkeys take the fruits one by one while people take them all in one lot. If asked why, they say it is their right. If what the monkeys do is petty theft, what people do is regular looting. Without realising that, they drive away the monkeys,” said Bhagavan.