Letter 5

25th November, 1945
Tomorrow is the auspicious day fixed for Bhagavan to go to Skandasramam with devotees and hold a feast there.

All the brother and sister devotees residing in and around the Ashram were busy the whole day making a fuss about arrangements for the trip. Bhagavan was however sitting as usual, dignified, calm and unconcerned. If all ask him to go, he may do so; if they say do not go, he will stay away. Is there anything for him to pack up or worry about? The kamandalu (water bowl), the karra (walking stick), the kaupeena (loincloth) and the towel over him are all the things about him. The moment he thinks of it he could get ready to start.

Sankaracharya has described only such sages as “kaupeenavantah khalu bhagyavantah” (he who wears a loincloth is verily the richest). This Ashram, this programme, these devotees and this paraphernalia are all like a drama enacted on the stage for the benefit of others, but does Bhagavan really need them all? Out of his abundant mercy he is in our midst; thus bound down. By a mere wish, could he not go away freely crossing the seven seas? Remember, his staying with us is our special good luck. I shall write to you again about tomorrow’s happenings.

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